How Important Is It to Show My Puppy I’m the Alpha?

Dogs are pack animals. Dog packs are lead by alpha dogs, while other dogs within the pack are submissive to their pack leader. Alpha dogs are important in canine groups because they establish order and maintain stability. Though most domesticated dogs don't have packs,...

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Can Essential oils be used on dogs or puppies?

YES!!!  There are some guidelines to follow, however, essential oils can be used on your dogs, cats and other furry companions as well as birds reptiles and fish.  Essential oils have been used throughout time.  There are many references to oils in ancient texts being used...

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Pet Insurance Comparison Routine Care

Routine care coverage is not offered by all pet insurance companies. Here we help explain the differences among some of those that do. If there's one thing every new pet parent quickly learns, it's that the cost of routine care for your dog or cat can easily add up to...

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