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At Puppy Connections, we help small breed dogs find new, loving, & caring family’s.

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How does it work?

Puppy Paws

At Puppy Connections, we want to make sure that all of our dogs are placed into a loving, caring, and stable home. In the interest of the puppy, we ask that all applicants run through an initial screening with our Adoption Counselors to see if you’ll be a good fit. Here’s a quick outline of how this process works.

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Send in your application

Complete the Adopt a Puppy Application for evaluation.


If you are a good candidate, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with our Adoption Counselors, to learn more about you.


If decided you are a good fit for the puppy, you’ll have opportunity to complete the adoption!

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Browse through our list of available puppies for adoption!


It Looks like there are no puppies available at this time. Please vist back to see if we have any puppies available for adoption. Stay connected with us on our facebook page to get the latest update. If you are interested in a particular breed and would like to be notified when your breed is available, please visit our contact us page


Puppy Paws


Helping Puppies Find The Right Home

Hi, my name is Joseph Feldman. I am a Veterinary Technician in an area where there are a lot of breeders. Our goal is to help “Puppy Mill” puppies end up in the right hands. They get spay/neutered and vetted so they do not end up at auctions where they are sold like livestock and used for breeding in another mill. We want to end that cycle. We also want to prevent them from ending up in a pet store or flea market where purchasers are not screened. The pet stores are starting to be regulated, but the flea markets are not licensed and the puppies are not usually vetted properly.


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